Woman defends decision to tattoo boyfriend’s name on forehead, says it’s an expression of love

A woman defending her facial art claims that anyone who doesn’t follow suit isn’t really in love. She got her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead.

Despite Ana Stanskovsky’s assurance that her eternal love letter to Kevin is a declaration of love, online critics have labeled it “stupid” and predicted that her “next boyfriend will hate it.”

Polish-born Ana Stanskovsky shocked her 588,000 followers on TikTok when she shared a photo of her freshly transformed appearance.

In a widely viewed TikTok video, Stanskovsky is seen sitting in a chair getting treatment done on her forehead.

The “my new face tattoo” video, which was first posted on November 6 and has received 18.3 million views, shows Stanskovsky getting her boyfriend’s name inked in strong, black calligraphy on her forehead.

Stanskovsky can be seen in the video squinting in pain as the artist writes over the stencil that reads “Kevin” inexorably.

When the painting is done, she stands up to examine her theatrical expressions of devotion in the mirror.

“Done? Okay, let’s look into that. God, I love it so much. She says, ‘Kevin is going to love it.

As she put the video to bed, she posed the question to her fans, “Do you think he will like it?”

In answer to her question, a netizen remarked, “He’ll love it! But that won’t sit well with your next guy.Another says, “I don’t know who Kevin is, but run wherever you are.”

Once the video hits the baffled social media world, many are warning her of future regrets.

This was a smart decision. “I don’t see how you could ever regret this,” a fan remarks.

In response to the many regretful statements, Stanskovsky released another video in which she said she would never regret getting the Kevin tattoo.

“I just want to say this is how I’m expressing my feelings so if I love someone, I’m doing this,” Stanskvosky replies. I’m aware that a lot of you have expressed concerns about breaking up and other terrible things. She declares, “I’m loving it and I’m definitely never going to regret that.” How will I come to regret doing this? It’s very beautiful.

One online user remarks, “A handwritten note is a precious way to express your feelings.”

Many of her admirers still don’t think she’s sincere when she declares her love, and she must be joking.

Hold on. Was that not a joke? “I was waiting for them to say it’s just a prank but they never did,” writes one person as another writes.

The influencer goes on to inform the audience that she is “in love” every time she looks in the mirror.

“I’m in love with the tattoo and I’m in love with my boyfriend,” she confessed. “I think you have to show someone you love them, at least in my opinion, by demonstrating your feelings.If your partner isn’t interested in getting your name permanently inked on her face, then I think she doesn’t love you and you should find someone else.

Many were shocked by her statement and asked her to reconsider showing affection.

“If [your] girlfriend doesn’t want your name on her forehead, she doesn’t love you,” She is quoted by a netizen in a post. The user then counsels Kevin to “dump her ASAP.”

Given the volatility of relationships, a netizen asks, “And if he breaks up with you what then?”In response, Stanskovsky asks, “What if we don’t click? I just need to find another Kevin for me.

Another person, though, has a better idea and says, “It would be better if you wrote that I am stupid.”

Kevin hasn’t commented as of yet.

What are your thoughts on the woman who is getting her boyfriend’s name etched on her forehead forever?

There are many more tasteful ways to express your love, but if you must make a large statement, would you consider getting a little tattoo somewhere it won’t be seen as much?

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