Beloved actor Scott Bakula expressed his sorrow on Tuesday over the death of his close friend and co-star in Quantum Leap, Dean Stockwell. With an Oscar nomination under his belt, Stockwell passed away at the age of 85, leading Bakula to reflect on their five years of working together on the cult sci-fi series.

Bakula paid a moving homage to Stockwell, describing him as a man full of fire who was sincerely devoted to his work and campaigning, among other things. Bakula praised Stockwell’s protective demeanor and sincere concern for the welfare of the young performers he worked with.

When Bakula recalled their first meeting during his 1988 Quantum Leap audition, he emphasized how their instant bond changed the trajectory of his life and career. Bakula expressed gratitude for having Stockwell as a co-star, and the show’s success was further enhanced by his nomination for an Academy Award not long after he joined.

Despite Stockwell’s recent success, Bakula emphasized his steadfast commitment to the part and the program, highlighting their growing bond and mentorship during the demanding five years of collaboration.

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