Tipping: Is It Time for a Change?

Tipping has always been a hot topic of discussion, especially in the US. The introduction of social media has further intensified the conversation. A recent TikTok incident has caused controversy and divided opinions. Let’s investigate and ascertain your stance.

Server Lillie shared her perspective on tipping in a since-deleted video. She was quite clear that tips make up the majority of her revenue due to her low hourly rate. Lillie raised the point that the menu pricing are intentionally kept lower with the expectation that customer tips will make up the difference. When she said, “You don’t deserve to eat out if you can’t afford to tip,” she made a bold statement.

Lillie brought up the cost and likened it to hiring a nanny. If you are unable to tip the entire amount, which is equivalent to a nanny’s salary, should you reconsider dining out? The audience engaged in a heated discussion after she made her statement.

Opinions diverged about Lillie’s position. Some criticized her statement, calling it entitlement, and said that if her income was insufficient, she should find another job.

Others shared Lillie’s perspective and described their own experiences with little compensation. They stressed how improving your eating experience is when you leave a gratuity.


What are your current thoughts on this contentious matter? Should people who can’t tip a waiter twenty percent reconsider their dining experience? Kindly leave a comment below with your comments!

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