Mark Wahlberg’s Super Bowl performance has left fans “embarrassed” – and everyone is saying the same thing.

After last night’s Super Bowl, there are obviously a lot of things to consider. There was the typical amount of captivating interest happening off the field, aside from the, to put it nicely, nerve-racking shenanigans on the field.

Usher performed at halftime, Taylor Swift was there to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce, and there was the usual barrage of odd ads and teasers for forthcoming films.

The latter included the much-anticipated Deadpool 3 teaser, but the Mark Wahlberg commercial was the one that really got people talking on the internet.

It should not be shocking that actor Mark Wahlberg is a devoted and well-behaved man.

The well-known Hollywood personality has already talked about how God has impacted his life, but the movie business has not been kind to his comments. A year prior, Wahlberg stated:

“I don’t want to force my religion on anyone, but I refuse to reject it either.” That is a significantly more grave sin.

Even though I am aware that my convictions are unpopular in my field, I cannot disregard them. I have to share that with others. However, it’s crucial to appreciate and acknowledge my friends who come from different backgrounds and religions.

Still, during Friday night’s Super Bowl in Nevada, a number of people were perplexed and even “embarrassed” by an advertising starring Mark Wahlberg. The 52-year-old collaborated with Jonathan Roumie of The Chosen on TBN to advertise the Catholic app Hallow.

“God, we take this moment just to give You thanks,” Wahlberg stated in the advertisement.

The words “Join over 100 million people in prayer during Super Bowl LVIII for the first time ever” appeared on the big screen of the arena.

In a press release issued before the commercial aired, co-founder and CEO of Hallow Alex Jones stated, “The goal at Hallow has always been to reach out to as many people as possible, both those who take their faith seriously and especially those who may have fallen away, and invite them deeper into a relationship with God.”

“When we heard about the timing of this year’s Big Game, we couldn’t have been more excited to work with Mark and Jonathan to use it as an opportunity to invite millions of people to pray.”

The Hallow app, which lets users pray while they’re on the road, has allegedly grown in popularity since its 2018 release.

Nevertheless, a number of individuals took to the internet to voice their criticism of Wahlberg’s inclusion in the advertisement.

“Mark Wahlberg deserves praise for making sure Ben Affleck didn’t make Boston look bad during the Super Bowl,” one reader commented.

Another commenter said, “For some reason, the Mark Wahlberg commercial is at the top of my list of the weirdest Super Bowl commercials so far.”

A third person asked, “Did I just hear Mark Wahlberg say’stay prayed up?”

Have you seen the commercial referenced earlier? If so, what were your thoughts?

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