“Exclusive Peek”: Melanie Griffith Reveals Tippi Hedren’s 94th Birthday Celebrations in Heartwarming Photos!

Even at ninety-four, Tippi Hedren knows how to throw down! The actress’s daughter Melanie Griffith posted photos from the festivities to Instagram. The actress, who is now retired, just had a birthday.

Griffith shared two photos of her mother on social media: one with a fork full of cake and the other with vibrant party glasses that read “CAKE TIME!”

Griffith said, “Mom, also known as MorMor, turned 94 today!” in an Instagram picture. Always ready for any celebration! “Happy birthday, Mama Tippi ♥️.”

Tippi Hedren discussed her intentions to celebrate with her family in an interview with PEOPLE prior to turning 94. She made the observation that, despite the fact that it might not be thrilling for others, it’s the ideal way to celebrate as a mother and grandma.

A mother’s and her daughter’s relationship has persisted over time. Tippi, Melanie Griffith’s mother, received the 2016 Everlasting Beauty Award from Melanie Griffith.

Speaking during a November 2016 celebration of Tippi Hedren’s memoir, “Tippi,” were Melanie, Tippi, and Melanie’s daughter, Dakota Johnson. Melanie discussed the three generations, mentioning that she was born in the 1950s, Tipi in the 1930s, and Dakota in the 1980s. She also expressed her enthusiasm for the way life transforms so beautifully throughout time.

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