FORMER President Donald Trump released a brief health report from his doctor!

In a brief health report, the former president Donald Trump stated that his health is “excellent” and that he has lost weight as a result of a “better diet” and regular exercise. Dr. Bruce Aronwald wrote the report. Crucial details, such Trump’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, medicines, and the amount of weight lost, are missing from the report, though.
Trump’s medical professionals have previously made hazy claims about his condition, going so far as to call him the “healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.” Trump frequently left out important information from his health reports. More thorough health reports are released by President Biden in the interim, but they haven’t allayed worries about his advanced age.Given their ages, both Trump and Biden have been questioned about their capacity to hold office for a second term. According to polls, voters have doubts about their suitability for the president. Particularly Trump has bragged about how well he performed on cognitive tests as evidence of his intelligence.
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