Sad news about “Dallas” star Patrick Duffy

The epidemic reunited Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy, of “Dallas” and “Step by Step.” They were longtime casual friends before they started dating. We’re overjoyed. This caught me off guard, Duffy. This comes after he had a voice chord rupture just before graduating from college, which destroyed his hopes of becoming a performer.

Duffy got better by instructing mime and performing in operas and ballets. His voice recovered in five months after he began daily Buddhist chanting, which he was introduced to by his late wife Carlyn Rosser. “I only converted because I wanted to sleep with her,” he declared. After Duffy was converted by Rosser, they fled to New York and were wed for more than 40 years, until her passing.

Duffy’s parents were murdered by two teenagers in a horrific act. He was calmed by his Buddhist beliefs in spite of the disaster. “I’m invulnerable to suffering,” he said, describing his opinions as curative. Joanne, Duffy’s sister, a police officer, wanted the murderers put to death, but Duffy said, “They’re punished.” They are to blame for their suffering in the future.

Famous for “Dallas,” Duffy found it difficult to change up his work. “Typical disaster of a business decision by Patrick Duffy,” he remarked. He’s willing to take on the renowned role again. “Never again, I never say that.” If that were the incredible next chapter in those characters’ tale, I would go ahead and accomplish it.

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