Ellen DeGeneres revealed in a shocking way how hard she has been fighting COVID-19, pointing out an unexpected and crippling symptom: excruciating back pain. After getting the virus in December 2020, DeGeneres’s experience expanded our knowledge of COVID-19’s effects.

Back pain, which had previously gone unnoticed by health officials, became a prominent ailment among those affected, made worse by the lockdown-induced worldwide sedentary lifestyle.

A 2023 study underlined the virus’s severe physical and psychological effects by pointing to an increase in occurrences of back pain during the pandemic. Through her open communication, Ellen highlights some of the lesser-known aspects of COVID-19 and encourages the public and medical professionals to acknowledge and sympathize with the variety of unanticipated and often difficult problems the virus presents.

An awareness of and need for comprehensive healthcare support is emphasized by experiences like Ellen’s as the world struggles with the pandemic’s aftereffects.

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