Katie Couric Opens Up About A Health Issue

Veteran journalist Katie Couric shared personal details about her ongoing struggle with eczema on Instagram, providing advice and encouragement to anyone dealing with sensitive skin conditions.

In a nude shot that she posted, Couric, 66, showed signs of eczema flare-ups on both eyelids. Common skin conditions like eczema can show up as red, itchy spots. The former Today host revealed that although she first struggled with eczema as a youngster, it has returned in recent years, making allergic contact dermatitis more problematic.

“A call to all those with sensitive skin!Since I was a young child, I’ve had eczema, and as I’ve gotten older, it’s started to flare up again,” wrote Couric. It’s safe to assume that I also have allergic contact dermatitis, therefore I have to watch what I put on my face.

Speaking about the difficulties she had in controlling her sensitive skin, Couric described how her quest for a successful remedy brought her to the dermatologist Cheryl Lee. Couric promoted Lee’s treatments, highlighting how well they worked to treat eczema. She included a link in her Instagram bio and invited her fans to check out Lee’s advice and thoughts.

“I’m shocked that I allowed my group to share this photo. Good Lord,” Couric said, highlighting the vulnerability involved in discussing personal difficulties.

Based on an Instagram snapshot posted on Wednesday afternoon, Couric reassured her audience that the eczema flare-up had decreased by the time of her meeting with George Clooney. Couric expressed humor and resiliency in spite of the brief difficulty, saying, “It just flares up a lot and it’s so annoying!”

Reactions and sympathies from other celebs, like Kristen Chenoweth and Michelle Pfeiffer, poured into the comment area. Supporters expressed gratitude to Couric for bringing eczema to light and using her position to spread awareness of the skin ailment.

The phenomenon of Couric being transparent about her health is not new. She talked about her experience beating breast cancer in October, stressing the value of early detection. As a live example of the importance of timely screenings, Couric performed at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala in New York.

“I’m a living, breathing example of how important screening and early detection are,” said Couric. In light of her 2022 breast cancer diagnosis, she emphasized the importance of mammography and further screening for women with thick breast tissue.

Beyond her own hardships, Couric is a beacon of hope for others managing a range of health issues through her advocacy for health awareness.

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