This single guy raised 30 children and adopted three more; here’s how they all live now.

Thirteen children have been successfully nurtured by the man throughout his nineteen years of adoption activities.

In Buffalo, there lives Thomas Lamont. He has increased the size of his family by adopting five small children under the age of five.

They are all siblings. Lamont Thomas currently has twelve children. On GMA, there’s a tale about a single dad.

When Thomas was given permission to bring five children into the house, he struggled to contain his emotions in front of the court.

He says all five of his siblings have been included since the family has worked very hard.

The present residents of the house are two biological children, Anthony and Lamonica, and ten adoptive children. The life of a single father started in 2000.

I started by lending a friend a hand. I then finished my degree program, which gave me the ability to become a foster parent. Since that time, I haven’t stopped.

Michael, one of the older adoptees, is 27 years old at the moment. The man says that before Thomas’ apartment became his own, it was his third place to live. The child’s single father was aware of the identity of his biological parents.

Thomas, in Michael’s memory, never gave up on his children. They waited to get divorced until they were grownups with their own kids.

The family of the single father was treated with the same love and care. Michael thinks that raising a family is a divine calling for fathers.

Now that we are all grownups, Michael chuckles and remarks, “It’s unbelievable that he started over.” In the end, it was him that saved me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him.

Thomas sensed that it was time to stop somewhere along the line. After getting married, one of the older kids moved out.

Despite the fact that the family had seven other children, it appeared that the lonely father was homesick. After finding out that his five siblings were seeking a family, he decided to “come out of retirement.”

Additionally, Thomas knows the children because he reared their father. The father wished for his children to grow up in one family.

After arriving in various areas, the four children were apart for almost a whole year and a half.

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