Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named Awaited Son after ‘Hero’ Father

Richard Gere’s ideal “hero” father taught him everything there is to know about life. Despite starting his family later in life, the actor acquired the ideals and put them to use in his experience as a father. He is still indebted to his father, for whom he even named his firstborn child.

“A Lovely Lady” Though he rose to become one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors, Richard Gere grew up in a normal family. The actor was raised in Syracuse, New York, on a farm in a large family.

Growing up in Brooklyn, his mother Doris met her husband Homer Gere. The childhood sweethearts moved to North Syracuse to raise their five children after being married in 1945.

Despite having a big family, the couple provided excellent care and enduring values to their children, Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura.

Furthermore, Doris, the housewife, and George, the insurance salesman, fought to give their kids the best education possible despite their restricted financial means.

In real life, Richard sees his parents as superheroes who provide for all of his needs while fostering his creativity.

According to the “Unfaithful” actor, his parents supported their kids’ hobbies and engaged tutors to assist them hone their skills. He admitted:

“It was astounding how much labor it needed to find music teachers and an education because we didn’t have much growing up.”

Richard Takes His Father’s Example
Despite the difficult start to his life, Richard is grateful for his parents’ efforts. Tuesday night at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala, the actor talked about his early childhood and gave credit to his father for teaching him the importance of being a good man.

Richard explained that Homer never wanted anyone around him to suffer, not even strangers. He claimed that the older Gere was basically an altruistic individual who regularly showed up to assist those in need.

When Homer turned 100 in May, the actor hosted a private birthday dinner for him at a pasta restaurant in his hometown.

The “Beautiful Woman” actor asserted that in terms of money, if Homer couldn’t help, he would look for other methods to show support, like giving a hug or a smile. Yet he secretly felt he had to do something to help.

According to the celebrity, his father launched a Meals-On-Wheels program in his hometown, and he dedicated the rest of his life to it.

He went on to say that Homer preferred a “cheeseball automobile because the trunk was the perfect height, so he didn’t have to bend over to get the meals in to deliver them to his neighbors.”

Via a variety of initiatives, the nonprofit organization Meals-At-The-Spot America provides assistance to thousands of communities nationwide. The first of its kind was founded in Philadelphia in the 1950s.

The elderly in America can live independently and with dignity thanks to a lot of volunteer effort. This work includes things like meal delivery, considerate visits, and safety inspections.

During a poignant conversation, Richard asked his elderly father what inspired him to volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Homer said:

Meals-On-Wheels was established in a house that was completely deserted. We kind of met their need as they grew older. When you watch someone else benefit from your life, you really can’t help but feel good about it, in my opinion.

Richard retorted that his father was the only person who inspired him to back the projects. Homer set a good example for his son, who also aspired to be a wonderful father. Yet, the actor did not start having children until he was in his 50s.

Richard’s Journey into Motherhood
Richard’s first marriage to his model, Cindy Crawford, ended in divorce. During his second attempt at love, he fell in love with twelve-year-old Carey Lowell, a former Bond actress.

Richard didn’t give a damn about how old he was; it was better than never. Lowell and the talented TV personality started dating in 1996, but she didn’t reveal anything about their courtship until after they got married.

The “Unfaithful” actor raved about their relationship and declared that they were ready to go farther. The fact that Lowell had a daughter from a previous marriage didn’t bother him. Richard told Dailymail:

“Having her in my life has changed everything.” Marriage also has importance. if you fully commit to it. This holds importance for both of us.

Still, the couple chose to get married in a modest ceremony after welcoming a son, Homer Gere II. Richard named his first child after his father when he became fifty years old.

The actor was excited and dedicated to the process when his journey to motherhood eventually came to pass because it had been greatly anticipated.

Speaking of his son, he called him “the joy of my life.” He loves music, runs quickly, and is quite intelligent. Really funny. Irony is a wonderful trait for any person, and he developed it fast.

Despite Richard’s love of fatherhood, his blissful marriage to Lowell ended abruptly after over a decade. In her 2012 divorce filing, the former Bond girl mostly pointed to their different lifestyles as the reason.

According to several stories, Richard longed for peace and quiet even though his second wife liked going out to parties. The source revealed, “They have a house in Bedford [NY], and he enjoys it because it’s quiet and he appreciates the seclusion.” At North Haven, she loves being in the spotlight.

The specifics of the divorce settlement were the point of contention, notwithstanding their agreement to equally split custody of their kid. They had to appear in court for four years before they agreed.

However, the lawyers for both parties declined to comment on the agreement. Even though his marriage didn’t last long, Richard upheld his family’s ideals.

In 2015, he made it clear that his child remains his primary priority and that he declines projects if the young man is not in favor of them. For him, family is the most significant thing in the world.

Before the interview, Richard had already fallen in love again, this time with Spanish activist Alejandra Silva.

The couple expanded their family later on by having more kids. In 2019, the actor gave birth to his second son, Alexander. The following year, a second son was welcomed into the devoted family.

My dear son is named Richard. Even now, after going through many stages of life, including marriages and babies, Richard remains committed to his father, Homer.

He drove around and visited people on a regular basis, supporting the patriarch’s Meals-On-Deals activities, but he continued to view him as a “idol” over time. In 2010, the renowned actor said:

“He has always been my hero.”

Homer is an old man, but he still has a strong desire to serve people. Moreover, he never allowed his loneliness to lessen his empathy; Doris died in North Syracuse at the age of ninety-one, leaving her husband a widow.

In actuality, Richard is the son that a lot of people would choose. He has continued to be committed to his father, honoring him and providing him with any help or encouragement he can.

In May 2022, Homer turned 100 years old. The actor celebrated in private at a nearby pasta restaurant.

The couple had a great time celebrating this important milestone with the Meals-On-Deals volunteer and other well-wishers that evening. Richard’s bond with his father shows how much the actor respects the commitment and hardships that senior citizens endure.

Considering that he believes that family is the most important thing in life, he will surely instill in his children the same bond that the 100-year-old did.

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