When Linda wed the 17-year-old, she was 52: How the pair is doing eighteen years later

At work, Linda and Jay had a meeting. Linda, 52, worked at the juvenile facility with her 17-year-old lover. Linda is appreciative of Jay’s many interests in movies, literature, and pastimes. The young man begged Linda to accept his proposal to his colleague, clearly older than Linda.

To the public’s fury, the pair obtained a legal marriage quite fast. Online users expressed their dislike for the couple’s images in the comments section, stating things like, “She was old enough to be your grandma.” Linda and Jay just commemorated their 18th wedding anniversary. Notwithstanding the amusing remarks, the two managed to form a close relationship.

Despite not having kids, Jay and Linda are content in their union and don’t want to end it. Linda recently gave up a number of things.

The woman is blind and needs a wheelchair, yet she still has trust in her friend. Jay, according to Linda, has never regretted his choice.

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