Potential Half-Sisters Won’t Pause Their Relationship


They presented their parents after two years of becoming closer and spending nearly every day together, only to later confess their affair in casual conversation.


Since then, we have spent every day together after meeting at a bar! Together, we created our OnlyFans during the epidemic, and not too long after, we created our TikTok account! They told Daily Star, “Our OnlyFans reveals the more personal side of our relationship.”


Their mothers discovered they had slept with the same man as they spoke up about their exciting pasts!

Some feel uncomfortable since they may be half-sisters.


The pair is aware that many people think they look similarly and that their hair looks similar.

“We had our mums over one night, and because we are all from the same hometown they were talking about places and people they used to hang out with back in the day,” they recounted the moment they learned they could be siblings. We all thought it was the most bizarre coincidence until it turned out that they had both dated the same guy!

To find out the truth, the prospective half-sisters decided to get a DNA test.


Less than a week has passed since we sent out the testing kits, and the report indicates that it may take two to six weeks to receive findings. The cost for both tests was $300 (£246). Although it has been a lot for us to comprehend, we haven’t put our relationship on pause because we are unsure.


“This is a really hard question, especially having thousands of outside opinions, but we have decided to keep this answer to ourselves until we know the results,” the pair said in response to the issue of what they would do if they become sisters.

Online reactions to their relationship have been mainly favorable, despite the forbidden nature of it.


“The reaction has actually been a lot better than we expected,” the prospective half-sisters stated. Although we receive more than half of letters and comments that are encouraging and pleasant, we have sometimes gotten nasty and negative remarks. Regardless of what the outside world may say about our circumstances, we attempt to look past all the negative and concentrate on the positive. It is up to us to decide what to do with our own life.


In their shoes, how would you respond? If you weren’t sure you could be half sisters, would you still be in a relationship? Tell us in the comments below!

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