To everyone’s surprise, an 81-year-old grandfather goes into a guitar store, takes up one of the instruments, and begins playing

As the grandfather continues to play, engrossed in the world of music, his eyelids close. The songs seemed nostalgic, like they might have been songs from his childhood. Spectators marvel at the beauty of witnessing a live demonstration of music’s timeless appeal and cannot help but smile.

The atmosphere changes as the guitar store is transformed into a makeshift music hall and the audience is treated to an unexpected performance by an accomplished guitarist. Grandpa’s music acts as a link between the young and the old by using song as a common language.

The final note fades, and everyone lets out a collective sigh. The grandfather delicately returns the instrument to its stand after bending to the room’s subdued applause. He leaves behind a keepsake for everyone who was lucky enough to witness this incredible event in the tiny guitar shop in addition to the chords from his impromptu performance.

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