After 10 years, the mother goes to the abandoned home where she had left her 1-year-old child and finds something that causes her to sob.

Although the catastrophe happened more than ten years ago, Yaroslavl’s people will always remember it.

However, it all started when a nearby neighbor heard a baby crying. Without thinking about it, he continued to work on the tasks he needed to finish that day. However, the baby continued to cry the following day. The house where the sobbing was coming from had no lights on, not even in the evening, and no neighbor could see anyone inside.

But at that point, the neighbors started to worry, so they phoned the police. When they entered the house after arriving, it was completely empty. The occupants had taken everything and disappeared. The only thing they had given up on was their child.

The one-year-old daughter had been there for several days, judging by the filthy floor where she was found. After a careful examination, it was determined that the girl’s name was Liza Verbitskaya and that, despite the appearance of their deaths, no one had been able to find them.

After being taken to the hospital quickly, Liza recovered. At the same hospital, Inna Nika was tending to her sick boy; her mother spent the whole day by his side. But one day, she heard a scream coming from the room next door, so she went to find out. She had a mother instinct to protect and look out for Liza when she first met her.After that, Liza received daily visits from Inna, who also gave her toys, clothes, and food. One day, when Inna went to visit the child, she became aware that she was no longer in her hospital room. The child had been put to an orphanage, she subsequently found out. She went to see her at the orphanage as well, but she soon came to the conclusion that she had to adopt her!

When the adoption paperwork was finalized, Liza was two years old, still unable to chew, scared, and incapable of withstanding loud noises. Liza used to have darker skin than her family members, but she looks amazing now. She began modeling, and her popularity spread throughout Russia as a result of her success. Those who had mocked her appearance in the past bit their tongues when they witnessed her win numerous talent contests as a teenager.

After she became well-known, her biological mother tried to contact her but was turned down. Liza is unsure if she wants to meet the woman who left her a message, even though she now has her phone number. We are in awe of Inna, the adoptive mother who, in spite of her extraordinary destiny, managed to save the life of this abandoned child!

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