A woman found food thrown at the door of her house, but she ignored the sign.

A woman once came home to find food leftovers at her door. She was shocked to learn what it meant from a police officer, as she had initially assumed it was a joke.

Maria Celino-Straker, a resident of Manchester, United Kingdom, was unpleasantly surprised to see food on her door. When the woman observed that a can of red beans had been thrown on the house’s threshold, she assumed that a young man or youngster from the neighborhood had pulled a practical joke on her.

A policeman clarified, though, that there might be a less obvious explanation hidden behind such a gesture. The woman was very astonished to learn what it was about.

When a woman discovered food scraps at her door, a policeman explained the possible meaning of this.

Maria Celino-Straker of Manchester came home one day to find that someone had put a whole can of red beans on her door. As anticipated, the revelation made him feel bitter, and for a little minute, he entertained the idea that a young guy or youngster in the area was trying to “get even” or was just having a good time by making a joke.

The British woman cleaned up, but she found it difficult to put the incident behind her. She related what had transpired to a relative, who also happened to be a former police officer, later on. After learning more about the incident, the policeman clarified that the gesture was meant to be taken seriously rather than as a lighthearted joke.

The information provided by the retired police officer indicate that food scraps or other items placed at a home’s entry may indicate that a thief has made eye contact with the property. The perpetrator watches to see if any dirt or items left behind are gone in order to confirm that the owners have left. If not, the burglar takes action, aware that nobody is home.

Maria Celino-Straker chose to disclose this information to her Facebook followers because she was afraid of what she had discovered. In an attempt to alert others to a potential threat, the woman shared what occurred to her and what she learned from the police in a post.

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