A couple adopts an undesirable ‘freak’ kid who was abandoned at birth, and you can see him now

Approximately one billion people live with a disability worldwide. Children with impairments are seen as “freaks” in other nations, prevented from attending school, abandoned to die in filthy facilities, and punished cruelly.

Rustam is one of these children; his biological parents abandoned him when he was a newborn due to a number of health problems that negatively affected his appearance.

Prior to entering a “disabled house,” the little youngster experienced a significant miracle.

There was no system in place to safeguard individuals with impairments before 2006. In that year, the UN established an international treaty that offered protection to disabled individuals and children who had been mistreated, abandoned, or imprisoned in some nations for the first time.

Rustam was one of the children that was admitted to the hospital shortly after birth due to his appearance.

But Rustam, who was born in Russia and was still in need of multiple medical procedures to be healthy, was not interested in being adopted or raised.

Then, in 2017, Nika Zlobin—a kind woman looking to adopt or foster a child—found Rustam’s photo.

The woman from Moscow recalled seeing his photo and remarked, “It was a hole instead of a face.”

After showing interest in the child, she and her husband Yuri were given a list of prerequisites that Rustam needed, including speech therapy, cosmetic surgery, and a prosthetic leg.
The woman stated in English, “After reading it, I concluded that everything can be resolved.” Why don’t we do the same?

They had a better than anticipated initial contact with the child. “When Yuri and I arrived in the playroom, they brought Rustam to us.” Nika says, “You know, he seemed like a child prodigy when I met him, and I was ready for a lot.” “I assumed he was still in diapers.” To be honest, I was shocked.

Nika and Yuri arrived at the ideal moment; Rustam, who spoke mostly with gestures, was about to be moved to a “house of the disabled.”

Nika claimed that it would have been a one-way journey and that “he wouldn’t have survived in a disabled home.”

The two completed the paperwork right away, got Rustam in the car, and drove him to his new home in Moscow.

Nika said, “I didn’t think about it.” I am aware that a lot of adoptive parents worry about their capacity to love a child that belongs to someone else as though it were their own. She treats him with the same severity that she does Iya, her own daughter.
His parents do not treat him any differently; they want him to collaborate with them on his rehabilitation.

Rustam protested, but she made him navigate the apartment on crutches while she taught him how to walk.
Rus showed [his] true colors when he cried out, protested, and demanded to be carried.However, she continued, “he got down to business and walked quickly” after that.

“What a weirdo.”
Nika has battled for the rights and dignity of individuals with disabilities ever since Rustam joined the family.

Conversely, some refer to the little boy as strange and continue to mistreat him.
A woman wrote, “Let’s call things by their words, freak.” Nika recalls one message in particular. Alternatively, they often comment, ‘We could not live beside such an oddball. How did you come to make this decision?

Nika responds lovingly, “I don’t know, maybe someone wants to always look at the beautiful.” The fact that Rustam owns the entire universe is more significant, in my opinion.
Nika says the attacks might still sting every now and then, even if her skin has hardened. “People prefer to label things if you don’t look like everyone else.” Evil, evil, and more evil.

Despite the hurtful comments, Rustam’s parents are standing by him, reminding him that “everything was fine with him: two eyes, a nose, a mouth.” There will soon be two legs. He is capable of speaking, hearing, and seeing.

The youngster, who is currently around ten years old, is also relying on his “brightness and courage” to display his vibrant personality. He wears his clothes with pride and wears his hair in joyful dreadlocks and ponytails.

It was natural for Nika to encourage her child to try new things because, as she puts it, he “thinks broadly and openly, reaching sometimes contradictory conclusions.”Rustam is never questioned about his appearance. He gushed about how gorgeous his whole family is and how amazing he is all around.

Sadly, Rustam’s amazing hair and bizarre dance skills are no longer accessible to us as Nika’s Instagram account has already been deleted.

The woman has said in the past, “I’ll probably feel better if my account should suddenly be blocked because I won’t see dozens of haters commenting about my son.”

It is heartbreaking when people treat a loving couple who offer the world to a defenseless small child in such brutal ways.

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Due to “several malformations,” the cute little child was born without a limb and with a portion of his hip missing, altering the appearance of his face. He was fed through a tube for the first two years of his life, and for the next two, doctors “literally piece-by-piece by collected his face.”

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