A completely mute little girl surprises everyone when she says these magical words to her therapy donkey

Rescuers found Shock on an Irish farm, laying in a paddock with a rope around his neck that had caused extensive skin injury.

For whatever reason, the owner concluded that using bleach on a daily basis would help the wounds and sores heal. Without much consideration, he gave the donkey this medication, which inevitably made the situation worse. The unhappy Shock was sent to an animal clinic and then an animal shelter in Birmingham, where he met other animals that were similar to him and learned how to “heal.”

For whatever reason, the owner thought that applying bleach every day would promote the healing of the cuts and sores. He provided this prescription to the donkey without much thought, which unavoidably made things worse. The disgruntled Shock was taken to an animal hospital and subsequently an animal refuge in Birmingham, where he made friends with other animals who were just like him and discovered how to “heal.”

Amber was able to hold the donkeys and was motivated to move, which helped her overcome her immobility. They bonded immediately.

At three years old, Amber underwent more surgery to correct her vocal cords. Now that she is at school, she is developing into a strong young woman who frequently participates in noteworthy events.

Before they met, the donkey and Amber did not have an easy life, but now they have a bright future ahead of them.

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