CÉLINE DION ‘doesn’t have control over her muscles’ due to illness, says sister

Famous Canadian vocalist Céline Dion is still battling stiff person syndrome, an uncommon neurological condition that impairs her muscles.

Céline’s illness alarmed her older sister, Claudette, who disclosed that her sister “doesn’t have control over her muscles.” Although she has a strong work ethic and wants to go back on stage, there are a lot of obstacles because the disease is degenerative and incurable. Claudette highlighted that because this ailment affects only one person out of every million, there has been very little research done on it.Sick person syndrome patients may experience severe movement impairments or even become “human statues.” Claudette denied the reports that Céline was confined to a wheelchair, highlighting her tenacity and zest for life. Céline is still determined to make a comeback and is sticking to her Denver medical team’s treatment plan.Despite the difficulties, fans have shown overwhelming support for Céline’s family charity, Fondation Maman Dion, by continuing to send their love and prayers for her.

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