You can’t fool the genes! This is how the youngest heir of Jackson appears today

In 2002, Jackson’s youngest heir was born!

The resemblance between Blanket and his father is astounding!

The pop star’s son is already a grownup; the most recent pictures of him are displayed in this post!

It is no secret that the King of Pop was a father of three children. Prince and Paris were born during his marriage to D. Rowe. Regarding Blanket, he was born through surrogacy and bears a striking resemblance to his well-known father.

When the singer was still relatively young, their father passed away from the family. With the elder heirs being eleven and twelve, Blanket was just seven years old. The youngsters were temporarily placed under the care of their grandmother and the matriarch of the Jackson household.

After their father passed away, they stayed at the family’s San Fernando Valley home. Few people know that Blanket was the one who sparked interest in the possibility that his father would “accidentally” fall off the balcony and cover his face with a blanket.

The man, who is already an adult, was recently seen on camera, and his incredible likeness to his father has grown even stronger.

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