Bruce Willis’s Family Facing Tragic New Health Battle As Daughter Struggles

It’s been a difficult few months for Bruce Willis and his family.

Readers of this post are undoubtedly aware that the celebrity has been forced to step back from the spotlight, possibly permanently, due to a diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, a degenerative brain disease.

Although a lot has been stated about the family’s love and support for Bruce throughout his lowest points, new information concerning the star’s mental health is unsettling.

The Willis family is growing more concerned about Tallulah Willis’ mental health as her father’s illness deteriorates.

The Die Hard star Bruce Willis was diagnosed with dementia, according to a statement made by his family earlier this year.

His daughter Scout penned a heartfelt letter after learning of the news, expressing that she was feeling “a bit overwhelmed.”

Willis decided to stop performing in March of last year after being officially diagnosed with aphasia. Apparently one of the side affects of his sickness was his incapacity to communicate with other people on set.

His diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia was made public in February of 2023.

The Willis family has undoubtedly had to battle in the weeks and months that have passed, and it appears from recent events that they might be dealing with yet another challenge.

Tallulah, the daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore, battled anorexia following her breakup with fiancé Dillon Buss, barely three months after Bruce was given an aphasia diagnosis, according to Radar Online.

Though not much has been revealed regarding Tallulah’s condition since then, it is now being speculated that Bruce was aware of his daughter’s suffering from the beginning.

According to a source quoted by Radar, “Bruce could see her wasting away and it only made his own problems worse.”

The source continued, “Bruce was shattered when he saw Tallulah’s suffering.”

The family eventually came to the conclusion that it would be best if they spent no time together at all.

Tallulah acknowledged that she had checked herself into a residential treatment facility after splitting with Dillon. That facility tested her and gave her a BPD diagnosis.

Tallulah recently penned an essay for Vogue in which she talked about how starting to take medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) caused her to experience body dysmorphia.

After taking her prescription, Tallulah remarked, “I felt smart for the first time, but I also started to enjoy the appetite-suppressant side effect of the meds.” I spotted a way to replace the uncomfortable teenager with a fluttering little pixie. And my sense of self went crazy, just like it does for a lot of people with eating problems.

There is an unhealthy allure while fast losing weight at first. People exclaim, “Oh my God!” The question swiftly shifts to, “Are you okay?” I choose to ignore my friends’ and family’s fear.

“I weighed about 84 lbs by the spring of 2022,” the 29-year-old stated. I was usually chilly. I was phoning around for mobile IV teams to come to my home because I was scared I wouldn’t have anywhere to sit down and catch my breath when I was walking through my Los Angeles area.

Let’s hope Tallulah gets the attention she requires to recover quickly.

It must be incredibly difficult for her to deal with her father’s health issues on top of everything else.

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