Customer slams McDonald’s as ‘No longer affordable’ after sharing receipt for his regular order

A TikTok user has criticized McDonald’s for raising prices to the point where they are no longer fair.

Upon realizing that the fast food chain restaurant had cost him nearly $16 for his usual order—a large fry, a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger, and Sprite—the man was shocked.

The recent sharp increase in inflation has caused living expenses to soar in the USA and much of the world.

Unfortunately, Americans can no longer count on having cheap McDonald’s dinners because the once-cheap takeout options have now gotten more pricey.

Christopher Olive, the creator of the widely shared and viral TikTok post, asserts that this dinner, which he now pays over $16 for, used to cost $10 or even less a few years ago.

“I know salaries are growing, there’s a labor shortage, and a lot of other things, but sixteen dollars?,” he says in the video.

It came to sixteen dollars for a drink, a large order of fries, and a burger. It’s just ridiculous.


Thousands of individuals who have watched the movie online have left thousands of comments on it. The majority of people think it’s ridiculous to pay $16.10 for a drink, fries, and burger.

“What are McDonald’s rates for five guys?”Someone remarked, “It’s crazy,” to which Christopher responded.

Another said, “Go to the store and buy hamburger meat, it’s officially not convenient or affordable anymore.”

The TikToker responded, “Exactly,” to a third user who stated, “I make a lot more of my own food these days because of stuff like this.” Finding out that 90% of the food I eat is handmade startled me a little.

Some argue, however, that we should remember that growing expenses affect the entire supply chain. Moreover, they claim that Christopher placed the priciest order possible.

Some commented, “Bro ordered the most expensive meal they have and acted surprised,” while another remarked, “You got a quarter-pounder of DOUBLE DELUXE BACON, which is literally the most expensive option on the entire menu.”

Other people have offered suggestions on ways to save money when dining at McDonald’s.

“Download the app right away. A McDonald’s dinner literally costs less than $6 every time.

“Use the McDonald’s app; they occasionally have 50% off and other offers,” another person advised.

What are your thoughts on this?

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