Man Faces a Difficult Decision: His Dog or His Girlfriend?

Moving in together is a big step in any relationship, but what happens if problems arise right away? One man found himself in a difficult predicament when his sweetheart gave him an ultimatum: it was either her or his pet beagle, Molly.

The only problem was that, although he genuinely cared for her and wanted to be with her, his fiancée hated his cute dog. She hated Molly so much that she forced him to decide between saying goodbye to her and giving up the puppy.

Rather than give up, the man decided to post on Craigslist about his predicament in the hopes of finding advice and perhaps even a new home for Molly. He stated in his article, “My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly.” That means I have to find her a new home.

He went on to highlight Molly’s purebred ancestry and their four years of togetherness as he continued to describe her qualities. Despite her lack of training, he claimed she is enjoyable to be around and likes playing games. Although Molly loves to be spoiled, she does require some upkeep, especially for her long hair and nails.

The man also mentioned some of Molly’s less glamorous habits, such as her tendency to sleep throughout the day while he’s at work and yap all night. But he made it plain that Molly always brings him happiness and that she only ever eats the best, most expensive food.

However, the end of his post took a surprising turn. He quietly revealed his true motives by adding, “So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend?,” rather than searching for Molly to move in with a new family. Come get her! I really want her to find a new home as quickly as possible, and so does my dog!

The man also brought up a few of Molly’s less glamorous behaviors, like her propensity to yap all night and sleep all day while he’s at work. However, he made it clear that Molly is his source of constant joy and that she only ever consumes the finest, priciest food.

But his post ended in a way that surprised me. Adding, “So… anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend?” instead of looking for Molly to move in with a new family, he subtly disclosed his true intentions. Come get her! My dog and I both genuinely hope she finds a new home as soon as possible!

Let’s give this man credit for acting morally and standing up for his loyal friend. With her tail wagging, Molly is a nice puppy who needs love and attention. Perhaps in the future, the man will come across someone who values Molly as a member of their family instead of just accepting her.

Let’s share this charming and funny story with our friends and family to honor the bond that exists between people and their beloved dogs. After all, we can all learn something from this man’s brave choice.

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