Teen Girl Dies, Then Mom Looks Closer At Her Casket And Realizes Notes Are Scribbled All Over It

Recalling Laura Hillier: An Inexpressible Tribute
The Leukemia War

Laura Hillier, a top student at Ontario’s Nelson High School, was first diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 13 years old. On January 20, 2016, Laura lost her life to cancer when her illness unexpectedly resurfaced after four years.


Her family expressed their condolences on the Hope for Laura Facebook page, writing, “She displayed bravery, poise, and an unwavering spirit.” Laura persevered till the very end, showing courage, strength, and brightness.

A Farewell to the Yearbook

Everyone at her school could see Laura’s intense love of theater and music. Those who were close to her believed that her farewell should embody the spirit of a yearbook tribute, even though she received her yearbook for the 12th grade before she passed away.

Her coffin was turned into a memorial canvas in a touching gesture. It was covered by colorful, meaningful notes from students, teachers, family, and friends honoring Laura’s life and the difference she made in theirs.

A few inscriptions stood out among the sea of others:

You had a musical voice. You had artistic talent. You showed comprehension. My best friend was you.
“Life is a melody… Sing as much as you want to.
incredibly powerful and fearless. You’ll be a hero forever.
The colorful notes on the once-plain white coffin represented Laura’s lively personality and the lasting impression she made on the world.

A Violet Farewell

Purple hues were used throughout the burial service as a suitable homage to Laura’s favorite color. Purple was a prevalent color throughout the somber event, honoring Laura’s passion for life, from tasteful floral arrangements to attendees dressed in the hue.

Maintaining Laura’s Heritage
Donations in Laura’s honor are recommended to Coast to Coast, a commendable organization devoted to ending childhood cancer, in order to guarantee her legacy endures.

Despite being brief, Laura’s voyage is a motivational reminder of the wonders of life and the value of savoring each moment.

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