The Untold Story of Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal is a very much alive and well individual, even though you may not be familiar with her. She left a significant legacy in the entertainment world and beyond even after leaving the limelight. Let’s examine this amazing woman’s life in more detail.

Victoria is Bertha Ree and Victor R. Principal’s eldest child. She was born in Fukuoka, Japan, on January 3, 1950. Despite being from southern America and Italy, Victoria’s father was in the American Air Force, and she was raised in multiple places. Her life was restless because she was raised in London, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Victoria’s love for theater and the arts was sparked by her first acting role in a commercial when she was five years old. This encounter would affect her future. She went to seventeen different schools, but her determination never faltered. Victoria had intended to attend Miami-Dade Community College to study chiropractic medicine, but she ended up moving to New York City to follow her true passions, modeling and acting.

Victoria moved to Los Angeles in 1971 after enrolling in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and continuing to work toward her goals. But after playing the Mexican mistress in The Lives and Times of Judge Roy Bean, her career took a terrible turn. Angry, she took a break from performing and worked as an agent for several years.

However, Victoria had a passion for performing, and her excitement was indisputable. In addition to covering the cost of her law school education, she was unaware that she had been offered a spot on the television program Fantasy Island. Ultimately, this chance helped her secure her largest role to date as Pam Ewing on the critically acclaimed CBS primetime series Dallas.

Dallas, a gripping tale of the forbidden love between Pam and Bobby Ewing, a wealthy oilman’s son in Texas, captured the hearts of millions of viewers. Their partnership, which faced challenges similar to those faced by Romeo and Juliet, endured many hardships and became one of the most cherished pairs in soap operas. In the end, Dallas took home four Emmy honors.

Victoria took the tough choice to leave Dallas after nine seasons. She founded Victoria Principal Productions, her own production firm, since she wanted to start anew. She started her own business in the cosmetics industry and wrote books on health and beauty. Victoria reflected on her time as Pam and remarked, “I learned a lot from playing her.” She was genuinely compassionate and courageous enough to stand up for what she thought was right. It was a true pleasure to portray her.

Victoria decided in 2001 to sell her lucrative acting profession and give it up so she could spend her time at her ranch caring for and preserving the animals. The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence, which she formed out of her love for animals, is evidence of her commitment to changing the world.

Victoria continues to be active on Instagram, where she charms her admirers with pictures of her goats, dogs, and horses that she has rescued. Her legacy will endure despite the fact that her name may have faded from the public view due to her kindness and charity, which still serve as an inspiration to many.

So the next time you hear about “lost stars,” keep in mind Victoria Principal—a remarkable lady who had a long-lasting influence on both the entertainment industry and society at large.

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