The couple claims the restaurant penalized them for ‘bad parenting,’ but the restaurant owner exposes the reality

After a long and tiring day, imagine yourself and your companions having a delicious lunch at a restaurant. While the parents appear to be indifferent to the situation, your youngster either acts out or decides it’s alright to run around and move from table to table. We’ve all probably been there.

The well-known Toccoa Riverside Restaurant decided to charge more for “adults unable to parent” because they were tired of seeing parents mistreat their kids while other diners enjoyed their food in a gorgeous setting tucked away in the mountains and situated along the Toccoa River. There’s a warning at the bottom of the menu now.

It goes without saying that most parents are unhappy with this choice.

Although the price is not mentioned on the menu, several Google reviews advise parents to plan on spending roughly $50.

“The owner came out and told me my kids were going to get a $50 charge on their account.” My wife took the kids outside to watch a tablet until the meal arrived, at which point they ate it while I waited and paid the bill. “Disappointed with the experience,” a user commented.

“If you have children, you should absolutely avoid this place at all means. We were told that we were poor parents because our children were playing by the river and “running through the restaurant,” and we were told to “go to Burger King and Walmart.” Another comment said, “Holy moly, the most rude owner made a big deal out of it in front of the entire restaurant.”

Tim Richter, the restaurant’s owner, retorted that he had implemented the surcharge a few years earlier during the COVID-19 pandemic following a family that had eaten there with nine children. It was said that the children were “running all over the restaurant.” Rather than charge them, Richard gave them a warning.

“We want parents to be parents,” he declared.

Laura Spillman, a guest, gasped and said, “That is crazy.” For real? I don’t think you should do it just because kids are so cute. Anne Cox, a different visitor, believed that charging a fee might be useful in reminding parents of their responsibilities.

What are your thoughts on this?

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