“Already doesn’t fit in the XXXL”: 342 Ibs Tess could barely squeeze into a huge suit

Tess Holliday, a 342 lb woman, made another inappropriate clothing choice.

The American became well-known when, in spite of her voluptuous figure, she chose to give modeling a shot and found that she enjoyed the business. Tess became well-known very fast after being called the world’s most complete model.

Many of Holliday’s supporters make it seem as though she needs to shed some pounds. However, the model is unquestionably against it. Tess refuses to lose weight, even if her weight on the scales is an incredible 155 kg. She often claims to be content with her appearance and to have no trouble living a carefree lifestyle like other slender people.


This is why the model only wears a range of shorts, crop tops, and short skirts with low necklines. Even though the model, Tess, thinks she looks hot in it, a lot of people dislike this outfit choice since it highlights all of Tess’ imperfections.

At this moment, Holliday wanted to put on the black hoodie and shorts. The designer intended for the photo to be enormous, but it ended up looking nice on Tess.

The model’s legs had cellulite in every possible place, and the clothes brought it all to light.

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