Owen Wilson refuses to visit his only daughter after paternity test – and she looks ‘exactly like him’

When it comes to Hollywood performers that exude warmth and energy, Owen Wilson is always at the top of the list.

Throughout the years, the actor has amassed a sizable global fan base and a string of lucrative blockbuster films.

In addition to his apparent talent and charisma, the audience finds him fascinating because he comes across as very personable. In addition to his inherent sense of humor, his laid-back, earthy demeanor makes him even more endearing.

Wilson might, however, be hiding a darker aspect to his life like a rarely seen cloud if reports about him are to be believed. That is about her lone child, who is 54 years old, and the fight her biological mother is doing to get Wilson take responsibility. He has never met the child.

Wilson has provided Lyla with the majority of his financial assistance since her birth in October 2018 through child support payments; this was done following the confirmation of his paternity through a paternity test.

Apart from covering Vongsvirates’ legal expenses ($70,000), Wilson also reportedly pays $25,000 a month to a night nurse and a labor coach—all of whom he has never met.

The actor checked the “no visits” box in court, indicating that he does not want custody of her.

Vongsvirates reportedly begged her ex-boyfriend to spend time with their daughter. By all accounts, Wilson is a decent parent to his two boys and gets along well with the moms of both of his boys.

On the other hand, Wilson doesn’t appear to be paying Lyla any attention. As previously said, he has made every effort to keep his distance from his daughter and her mother, even after the latter wrote him the following message:

“You should go see your wonderful daughter; you’re missing out on her.” She looks just like you. Like her father, Lyla is said to have baby blue eyes and gorgeous golden hair.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Vongsvirates said that Wilson is “not involved at all.” Wilson and Lyla have never met.

“He helps out financially, but it’s never been about that,” the woman remarked.

“Lyla needs an example of a father.” Owen keeps landing dad parts, which is odd considering that in the film he’s currently in, he plays a father who has never met his own daughter.

What are your thoughts on Owen Wilson’s actions with his daughter? I believe it’s terrible that someone could be so cold toward their own child, regardless of the circumstances.

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