A wedding picture changed one couple’s lives forever

Emma Stone and Justin Cotillard fell in love as soon as they laid eyes on each other.
When they tied the knot, it was the happiest moment of their life. Emma soon discovered that she was pregnant, and it seemed like their lives were over.

Regretfully, during her seventh month of pregnancy, things became worse. Justin become irrationally angry and yelled at her. Even though Justin was the best person Emma had ever met, Emma was astonished when he told her to leave the house one morning because this behavior wasn’t typical of him and in fact raised red flags.

“He didn’t realize that I was expecting our first child.” He thought I was a complete stranger, Emma recounted.

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They visited the hospital as a result, rather of taking a honeymoon.

After a series of tests, medical professionals delivered the most devastating news. Justin was suffering from a brain tumor. That was why he was acting so hostilely.

Even though it was said that he would only have about two years to live owing to the cancer’s sudden growth, Emma pleaded with God that he at least get to meet his daughter.

Following the baby’s birth, Justin’s health rapidly declined. “Before he passed away, the doctors gave my spouse two weeks at home.”

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From Justin’s diagnosis until his death, Justin’s medical team did everything they could to keep him alive. But the cancer was quite aggressive, and the symptoms were terrible. Emma believes that things would have turned out differently if the signals had been recognized earlier, even though everyone said there was nothing that could be done. Neither she nor the late Justin gave it much attention, but his face was one of them.

Emma noticed that one of the wedding photos had an odd detail. “His right side of his face is obviously slightly lowered.”

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She shared the picture along with Justin’s story to raise awareness and motivate people to seek medical attention as soon as they suspect something is wrong with their health. Early detection of certain symptoms may save lives, even though they may not seem serious at first.

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