She refused to pull the plug on her husband, years later he awoke and said two surprising words

Danielle Davis knew her life would be like the one she had always imagined when she wed the love of her life. Her euphoria was tragically short-lived, as her spouse of just seven months was critically injured in a motorcycle accident and placed on life support.

Every doctor she ever contacted about her husband’s health told her that it would be better if she decided to remove him from life support because there was little likelihood of him ever recovering from his injuries.

Danielle, however, defied medical advice and chose to keep her husband Matt on life support in the hopes of a miracle.

She remarked, “I felt that God could handle the situation and carry him through.”

After Matt was moved home, Danielle and her mother-in-law took care of him since the hospital could no longer hold him. Danielle said, making sure Matt was as comfortable as possible, “let’s give him the best view in the world if he’s just going to be a body in a bed.”

After several months, Matt woke up as everyone began to lose faith in his ability to get better.

It was a marvel he was able to open his eyes. A gradual physical and psychological healing ensued. The first things he said after waking up, however, astounded his wife and his family the most. He wanted to order a “cheddar’s buffalo chicken wrap.”

Although Matt’s long-term memory was able to be restored, he still has trouble remembering his wedding day and events from the previous few years. Though he is sadly unable to walk, he is making every effort to improve in the days ahead despite all the obstacles.

He still has a sharp sense of humor, and he offers guidance to other husbands. He joked, “Take out the trash because there might be a day when you can’t.”

Matt’s experience serves as another more evidence for us to never doubt the effectiveness of prayer and faith in God.

Someone who came upon Matt’s amazing story commented, “Just have faith; nothing is too big for our God.” Another said, “With God, anything is possible.”

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