Joe Biden Gets Stabbed In The Back By Popular Democratic Congresswomen

Progressive Democrat Ilhan Omar, a consultant, accepts Tara Reade’s 1993 allegations that Joe Biden mistreated her. Notwithstanding these opinions, Omar declared that she will support Biden in the future presidential election in an effort to prevent Trump from being re-elected.

Omar expressed her viewpoint to the Sunday Instances, a British journal, stating that, “Justice may be delayed, but it should never be denied.” Reade’s assertions have been consistently denied by Biden, who even said in an MSNBC interview that people “in all probability shouldn’t vote for me” if they think like Reade.Omar emphasized on Twitter her commitment to survivors and her plan to support Biden in order to oppose Trump. Tara Reade is losing credibility in the interim.Douglas Wigdor, her attorney, who has defended victims of well-known people like Harvey Weinstein, has ended their representation of her.

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