Jennifer Garner, 51, ditches the makeup and sporting wet hair while running errands in Brentwood… following THAT adorable conversation with her ex-husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner showcased her natural beauty by forgoing makeup on a carefree Saturday outing in Brentwood, California. Throughout her appearance, the actress, who was born in Houston, attracted attention with her youthful charm.

Jennifer accessorized her relaxed, casual ensemble with chic black sunglasses and straightforward white tennis shoes. She showcased her toned and slender biceps in a sleeveless top that was perfect for the warm weather.

Jennifer conducted her errands with such natural ease, talking on the phone with one hand while clutching her pocketbook and tote bag with the other. Her ability to multitask with ease was evidence of her effectiveness and composure.

Jennifer Garner recently traveled to New York for work-related reasons, including the launch of her organic baby food and snack line, Once Upon A Farm, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. The actress has been balancing her employment and motherhood commitments while pursuing her entrepreneurial endeavors with remarkable vigor.

Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel are Jennifer Garner’s three proud children who reside in Brentwood. Ben Affleck, her ex-husband, and she are joint legal guardians of their three children, which is evidence of their excellent co-parenting skills.

The A-list stars had previously worked together on films such as Pearl Harbor and Daredevil before getting married in 2005. Ben appeared briefly as Daredevil in a sequence that was eventually cut out, but the romance between the Elektra co-stars ultimately resulted in their final divorce in 2016. But two years later, they managed to come to a mutually acceptable divorce settlement, and they have been effectively co-parenting their kids ever since.

When Ben Affleck was spotted in Florence, Italy, last week with Jennifer Garner and their children, fans were enthralled by a touching scene. Ben showed Jennifer that they still loved and respected each other in spite of their past by giving her a strong hug when he arrived.

With her recent ventures, which include recurring appearances in Party Down on Starz and The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV Plus, where she worked as executive producer and starred in the series, Jennifer Garner is still enjoying success in her career.

MCU fans were thrilled to learn that Jennifer Garner would be making an unexpected comeback to the superhero genre in Deadpool 3 as Elektra. This is one of several television and film projects whose development has been temporarily put on hold due to the protracted government shutdown. Fans can’t wait for Jennifer to play her legendary role on screen again.

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