At 67 years old, Debra Winger remains lovely and will always be remembered for her performances in the 1980s.

The Mysterious Star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Debra Winger
A Timeless Love Tale
The classic scene from “An Officer and a Gentleman” became a benchmark for romantics everywhere. This movie, which starred Debra Winger as Paula and Richard Gere as Officer Zack Mayo, became a classic example of cinematic love.

The Rise of Debra Winger

Winger, who is 67 years old and still gorgeous, has shown off her ageless beauty on Instagram, changing from a brunette to a sophisticated gray. The gifted actress debuted on the big screen in 1976 as Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman’s sister, Drusilla. Winger turned down the chance to have a bigger role in the “Wonder Woman” series in order to avoid being put in a box.

Her choice proved wise. With notable performances in “Terms of Endearment” with Shirley MacLaine and “Urban Cowboy” with John Travolta, Winger’s career took off in the 1980s. Her roles brought her numerous awards and nominations, securing her position among Hollywood’s elite.

Rumors & Conflicts: Behind the Scenes

Off-screen rumors of tensions between Winger and her co-stars—particularly Richard Gere—made headlines despite her on-screen charm. In his book, Louis Gossett Jr., who costarred with the two in “An Officer and a Gentleman,” emphasized the divisive dynamics between them.

Conflicts between Winger and Shirley MacLaine are often shown in on-set tales. MacLaine recalls their initial meeting in sharp contrast, planting the roots of their long-standing animosity.


The Hollywood Hiatus

There was a lot of conjecture in the film industry over Winger’s hiatus from acting. While some suspected personal causes, others referred to professional feuds. Winger denied allegations, saying she needed to take on challenges outside of the Hollywood bubble and that she wanted varied assignments.

Winger began to concentrate more on her personal life during this period. After relocating to New York, she welcomed motherhood, got married to actor Arliss Howard in 1996. In 1995, the actress made a brief comeback with Billy Crystal in “Forget Paris,” but she thereafter took a break.

For the 2001 movie “Big Bad Love,” her husband Howard and Winger collaborated, and Rosanna Arquette’s 2002 documentary attempted to solve the puzzle of Winger’s exit from mainstream cinema at the height of her career.

A Glorious Return

With appearances in “The Lovers,” “Rachel Getting Married,” and “Kajillionaire,” Winger’s resume grew. Her most recent involvement was in the 2021 movie “With/In, Volume 2,” which also included her spouse.

Winger laments on the glamor and glamour of Hollywood, saying, “I look and laugh at the Hollywood sign now.” It’s a place, but not in the way I see it.

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