The Police Line Up to Do a Dance Routine, But It’s The Police Dog That Steals The Show

One thing I really enjoy watching are the dancing challenges that individuals go on and share on social media. These hardships must also be enjoyable for you. They foster goodwill and bring people together in some way.

You’ve probably heard of the “The Git Up challenge.” Blanco Brown’s dancing tutorial for his song of the same name was the starting point of it all. It should come as no surprise that a large number of individuals were excited to try the routine—it’s clearly entertaining and contagious.

One of these challenge movies has received approximately 9 million views total and features representation from the Yuba City Police Department, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, the Sutter County Courts, and the Sutter County Code Enforcement. By turning the challenge into a dance competition, these guys elevated it to a whole new level. The result is so astounding that we can’t quit viewing it.

The dance off starts when a Sutter County Sheriff’s vehicle and a Yuba City police cruiser start “fighting” over a parking spot. More people join in as the dancing gets going. Among them, one K-9 dog stood out—though more for his enjoyment of the other policemen’s dancing than for his own dancing. Before finally jumping in, he probably asks what’s going on.

I like how the police demonstrate to us that they have fun in spite of their fairly serious line of work.

This video is a must-watch. Visit this page to see it, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

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