She was making waves in Hollywood with her golden hair and blue eyes.

Kathleen Turner rose to fame in the early 1980s as a sex icon. Even though her appearance has drastically changed since then, she is still a well-known personality in Hollywood.

With A-list actors like Steve Martin, Michael Douglas, and Jack Nicholson, she starred in a number of movies, but as time went on, her acting career dwindled.

Turner claimed in 1994 that she was unable to perform due to a fever and intense pain brought on by an autoimmune illness.

This made her less well-liked in the entertainment industry. She was nominated for several awards for her acting skills in spite of this setback, proving that you don’t need to be attractive or well-known to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Early in the 1990s, Turner received a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease.

The doctors had given her a dismal prognosis, stating that the swelling in her wrists would soon make it necessary for her to use a wheelchair.

Consequently, rumors circulated that she turned to alcohol heavily in an effort to lessen the discomfort caused by her illness.

In 2009, Turner penned an essay detailing her battle with rheumatoid arthritis. She explained how the challenges of just being able to walk pain-free suddenly overwhelmed her worries about attractiveness and sensuality.

Turner’s portrayal as Jessica Rabbit in the 1988 motion picture Who Framed Roger Rabbit made her famous.

The actress was placed on a number of medications after receiving a diagnosis that drastically altered her life, which had a big effect on her appearance.

The general belief that she had developed a drug or alcohol addiction was strengthened by this. She chose not to address the rumors and put up with the media’s constant criticism of her transformation.

She had little control over the side effects of her medications and treatments from her doctors, which is what gave her the new look.

Even yet, she chose not to disclose the reason behind the such dramatic changes to her looks.

Turner’s protracted battle with rheumatoid arthritis has come to an end, and she credits regular Pilates and gymnastics sessions for her full recovery.

Before getting divorced in 2007, she was married for 23 years to real estate tycoon Jay Weiss.

Turner continues to appear in fewer plays and films than she did when she was at her best.

Despite her health issues, we should be grateful that she managed to control her condition and get past the challenges it presented.

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