She didn’t lose her natural beauty and married a billionaire: how does Patrick Swayze’s widow live today?

Over the course of his life, Patrick Swayze remained devoted to his one and only wife, and she remained at his side until his death. The American actor passed away 12 years ago at the age of 58..

The charming love story of Swayze and his wife Lisa, the stars of the movie “Ghost,” might easily serve as the basis for a happy romantic drama. Even after 34 years of marriage, their eyes continued to sparkle with love.

The American dancer was in his early 20s when he met the woman who would become his spouse in the late 1970s. Lisa was enrolled in ballet school at the age of fifteen. She didn’t swoon over him, thus her behavior was distinct from other girls’. Lisa’s detached demeanor and icy blood won Patrick over.

After a while, Lisa eventually gave in, and their amorous feelings started to grow. In 1975, Swayze and Neimi exchanged vows and were married. Despite not being able to have children of their own, the couple battled through the grief of losing a child together.

Fans were made aware of Lisa and Patrick’s remarkable bond through the testimonials of their acquaintances. Obstacles in their personal life and career ups and downs further strengthened their relationship.

They enjoyed dancing together and had a great connection in addition to being husband and wife. Their numerous common interests further cemented their extraordinary friendship, and they went on to launch a business together.

They overcame another challenge because of their close connection. After his father and sister passed away tragically, Patrick’s struggle with alcoholism became evident, leading to serious problems. Still, his faithful companion supported and encouraged him the entire time, helping him break the habit and return to his regular life.



In 2008, the well-known “Dirty Dancing” star battled severe health issues. Unfortunately, his time was running out, and he only lived for an additional year and a half.

For five years after his death, Patrick’s widow battled with the idea of dating again since she felt it would be a betrayal of her late husband. But as time passed, she realized that Patrick had always wanted her to be content and to live her life to the fullest, even after his death. This knowledge warmed Lisa’s heart, and she began to wonder if she would ever experience love again.

Before 2012, Lisa Neimi had a brief romantic relationship with billionaire Albert DePrisco; over time, they were formally married and became husband and wife. At sixty-five years old, Lisa and the American jeweler are now contentedly wed and have a Florida house together. Her natural beauty hasn’t diminished with time, and she continues to enthrall with her stunning appearance.

Although Lisa is happy in her current marriage, she still cherishes the memories of her late husband. She regularly shares touching photos of herself and Patrick on her blog, showcasing their love, youth, and happiness together. These heartfelt films honor their unshakable love and the amazing moments they had.

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