On “The Voice Senior,” a contestant who is 63 years old closes her eyes and belts out an Etta James song from 1959.

Mechelina Delivers performs “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” in a spirited performance.
Age doesn’t really matter when it comes to talent, especially artistic talent. On The Voice Senior, older contestants may compete against younger ones. This is bringing these incredible sounds to light at last.

On Singing Seniors, competitors move through the competition and compete to win while also receiving one-on-one voice instruction from renowned judges in addition to the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience.

On “The Voice Senior,” we’ve seen some genuine competitors who put many professionals to shame. These veteran vocalists don’t use “auto-tune” to “fix” their vocals when they’re not good, in contrast to many younger singers. All of the vocal prowess you hear on “The Voice Senior” is real.

Mechelina, 63, is identical to the others. Most younger people would have assumed Mechelina was just a “ordinary” grandmother or great-grandmother when she appeared on “The Voice” stage. She has a superpower that grandmothers share despite being a grandma and great-grandmother: a strong voice.

In the video shown below, Mechelina takes the stage before the music begins. Who wouldn’t be a bit concerned if she was? She inhales deeply, closes her eyes, and begins singing a well-known Etta James song that enthralls the panel of judges and the crowd.

While many contemporary artists have sampled and recorded “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” it has never been done in this way. Mechelina’s rich, sparkling voice envelops the audience in a vintage 1960s sound as she caresses the words and transports them on an emotional journey.

I’ve never felt this way before, let me just say that. My throat feels like it’s being held prisoner by something. Etta James, Leroy Kirkland, and Pearl Woods collaborated to write “Something’s Got a Hold on Me”‘s lyrics. Gospel, soul, and the blues are all present. At one point, James remarked, “That song was written by us and was based on a church song.” The opening line of the spiritual song was “Something’s Got a Hold on Me, It Must Be the Lord.” The song quickly became well-known and reached its highest point on the Hot R&B Sides chart at number four. Additionally, the song reached number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

When Mechelina took the stage of “The Voice” Senior, she had a lot to live up to, especially given the song she chose and the prominence of Etta Jame’s gospel/blues voice, which made it simple for others to draw similarities. We think Mechelina did a fantastic job, even if the judges don’t agree, and we hope she’ll be back soon to try out again. More of her great voice would be welcome.

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