Keanu Reeves’ reaction to 9-year-old who says he’s his favorite actor is breaking hearts

In case it wasn’t already obvious, Keanu Reeves is a really good guy.

Unless you’ve been hiding out, it’s doubtful that you haven’t heard the stories and seen the footage.

You’ll discover that, despite his megastar status, wealth, and unbelievable popularity, Keanu Reeves is a down to earth individual who has never placed himself above kindness and compassion.

Every few months, Reeves does something different to serve as a constant reminder that he is the epitome of the A-list celebrity who puts society before himself and acts in a way that demonstrates genuine concern for others.

Renowned for his work on successful motion pictures, Reeves has recently demonstrated his skill as a comic book writer. He co-created and co-wrote BRZRKR with Matt Kindt, which became the most read single issue since Star Wars in 2015.

During a book signing, a nine-year-old series fan contacted Keanu and declared that the Matrix star was his “favorite actor.” What was Keanu’s response? Thus, it’s as healthful as it gets.

It’s fair to suppose that there are very few days when you don’t encounter someone who wants you to take their photo or get their autograph when your celebrity is as prominent as Keanu Reeves’.

The rigmarole must eventually get old, even though one would never know it from seeing Keanu interact with his followers. It makes sense, after all, that constant want from others would wear you out.

Over the years, the 58-year-old has always demonstrated his enormous heart and compassion. Think back to the day, after a long journey, he patiently answered a boy’s series of questions. What about the time Sandra Bullock informed him she had never had truffles or champagne as a surprise and he later admitted to giving them to her?

We could carry on forever. The main idea is that Keanu Reeves is a really kind person, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he returned to social media after speaking with a nine-year-old fan.

According to rumors, when the little child saw Reeves during a book signing, he said, “I’m such a big fan!”

In the video that IGN has released, Reeves asks the boy’s name. Keanu identifies himself when the nine-year-old says, “Noah,” as if it were necessary.

I remarked, “I think you’re my favorite actor of all time.” In the video, Noah states. In the following picture, Keanu is beaming widely. “Oh my god, Noah, thank you,” he yells.

Then the 58-year-old actor asked the little fan if she had ever seen Duke Caboom, the doll that Reeves voiced in the fourth installment of Doll Story. Yes, he is my favorite character. Noah responds.

These exchanges show off Keanu’s excitement as well as his manners. The John Wick actor always seems to be as delighted interacting with people as they are interacting with him, as fans quickly noticed.

In Keanu’s situation, we think it is appropriate to disregard the adage that you should never meet your idols.

Are you a huge Keanu Reeves fan as well? If so, please feel free to remark and share your ideas. Which Keanu Reeves movie is your favorite?

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