“This girl is incredible!” – Cindy Crawford, 56, danced in a sequined dress with a deep cleavage

Like other respectable supermodels, Cindy Crawford started her own brand of personal care items.


Together with French plastic surgeon Jean-Louis Sebag, the celebrity launched Meaningful Beauty early in the new century, a range of anti-aging skin care products. The company was destined for success from the start since the unrivaled and ageless Cindy Crawford is actively involved in the commercialization of rejuvenating products.

The model’s Instagram profile, which has more than 7 million followers, just posted a video from another promotional photo shoot for her brand. The renowned beauty performed to Rebecca Ferguson’s hit song “Glitter and Gold,” flaunting her flawless face and stunning physique. Cindy selected a purple mini dress with sequin accents and a V-neckline to draw attention to her slim form.



Fans had a hard time putting into words how delighted they were to see:

Past Beautysmart, humorous, and just plain adorable
Gorgeous Goddess wearing a stunning gown!
This gal is amazing!
The ideal female
All-time favorite model!
The supreme supermodel
Still stunning as ever, Cynthia Crawford

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