Zendaya’s bra-less photo against a desert backdrop garnered 10 milion likes in a day

The 21st century saw the emergence of a new breed of actresses who have dominated Hollywood like never before. Despite being young, they have amassed hundreds of successes in their career, something that was previously impossible.

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The new generation became famous not only by acting in numerous projects but also by sharing photos of their daily lives on social media, which made them more appealing to their followers.

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One of these lucky and well-known actors, Zendaya is only 26 years old. The actress rose to fame thanks to her work in the “Spider-Man” movies. Now that they are dating, she is engaged to British actor Tom Holland, who just announced their engagement.

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Zendaya has millions of Instagram followers, however thousands of people are curious about her personal life. Her recent selfie without a bra received millions of likes, and she looks absolutely stunning. A breathtaking image of the well-known star against a desert landscape was shot.

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