Jacqueline Kennedy’s granddaughter is all grown up – you won’t believe what she looks like today

One of the most revered and well regarded First Ladies in history is Jacqueline Kennedy. She frequently ranks highly on lists of the most esteemed individuals and significant First Ladies of the United States, proving that she is more than just a style icon. Even her husband, President John F. Kennedy, acknowledged that her presence on his campaign road contributed to his victory.

Despite suffering through a number of personal traumas as well as professional highs and lows during her life, Jacqueline never wavered from being a caring and encouraging role model for her children.

The oldest grandchild, now an adult, of her adored grandmother, serves as a living legacy to her. The stunning Harvard graduate enjoys the arts as much as her grandmother.

To really appreciate how close these photographs are, you must see them for yourself.

On July 28, 1929, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born in Southampton, New York. Before and after their union, she was a well-liked and respected individual in her own right. She would eventually wed the man who would become the 35th president of the United States.

She became a successful book editor, is considered as one of the most significant First Ladies in American history, and has received accolades for her support of the arts and the preservation of historical buildings.

On September 12, 1953, Jacqueline Kennedy wed John F. Kennedy; their daughter Caroline was born in 1957. Sadly, only Caroline and her brother John Jr. survived infancy out of the couple’s four children.

After her husband was slain in 1963, Jacqueline remarried, but she never had any more kids.

The oldest granddaughter, Rose, who was born to her daughter Caroline, perfectly resembled her grandma!

Look at it for yourself if you would.

Although 34-year-old Rose Kennedy Schlossberg has taken part in a number of campaigns, unlike many of her well-known colleagues, she has not sought a career in politics.

She does, however, share many traits with her grandmother.

Rose and her grandmother share attractiveness in addition to similar interests. After graduating from college, Jacqueline Kennedy began working as a junior editor at Vogue while also making regular contributions to the student newspaper.

Rose is a skilled writer as well. She obtained her BA in English in 2010 from a prestigious all-girls high school before enrolling at Harvard. Since then, she has created her own comedy series called End Times Girls Club.

The series was supposed to provide as a “guide to female-focused apocalyptic survival.”

According to Rose, it was motivated by how Hurricane Sandy affected New York and how the city’s residents were terribly unprepared, especially the young girls who were acting like damsels in distress.

Rose was given the name Kennedy in honor of her maternal great-grandmother, although she has frequently been compared to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Rose had only turned six years old when Jaqueline tragically passed away in 1994. The two were close when Rose was growing up, and Rose called her “Grand Jackie.”

Fortunately, the granddaughter of Jacqueline who looks just like her keeps her alive!

Both Jackie’s grandmother and her uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr., the senior Kennedy son, were quite close to her. When JFK Jr. died in a catastrophic plane crash on July 16, 1999, Rose suffered a terrible loss.

“To her, he had been like a parent. She experienced a six-month depressive episode during which she seldom communicated with anyone. She must have lost 30 pounds since she stopped eating, according to Kennedy’s historian C. David Heymann in an interview with The Post.

The National Enquirer and Wikipedia both report that Rose and restaurateur Rory McAuliffe got married in May 2022. They first met while working as caterers at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, and have been together ever since.

“Rory and Rose have been secretly dating for the past eight years. Caroline, Rose’s mother, adores Rory. She already feels like a member of the family and has for some time, according to a source.

Jackie Kennedy would have approved of the gay marriage, claim sources from the tabloid and the family.

After seeing these photos, I have no doubt that the late first lady would be happy to see all of her grandchildren. What an amazing legacy!

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