She was only 29 kg and had suffered from anorexia two years prior, but a straightforward chocolate bar helped her get better.

At age 21, British citizen Anna Windley weighed 29 kg, ate only one sandwich every five days, appeared to be a skeleton encased in skin, and was frightened to eat. The girl had once been saved by regular chocolate; without it, she most likely would not have lived.

Anna has always been quite busy. She participated in a number of extracurricular activities and athletic competitions while she was a student, setting an example for other students. She had been overweight from birth, but she often heard her peers making fun of her weight. Anna made the decision to get in shape because she was sick of people making fun of her.
She began drastically restricting her diet, eating just one sandwich every few days and virtually ever any dairy, meat, or sweets. Anna’s “diet,” which frequently required hospitalisation, led to the “anorexia” diagnosis. The physicians started to give the girl cautions that, if things kept going as they were, she would suffer a heart attack. She was fully aware of everything, yet she could do nothing to stop it.

“I just wanted to be slimmer,” she says.

Anna had become so debilitated that she was scared even to look at or smell food. The girl once retreated into another room when they attempted to give her a pie during a festival because she couldn’t stand being around the food.

But one day, everything dramatically changed, partially because of ordinary chocolate. Anna used to have a sweet tooth, and although she knew in her heart that she would eat a lot of them, she still chose to try them. When she later stepped on the scales, she saw that she hadn’t put on any weight, so she progressively started rewarding herself.

“It seemed absurd to think that just one piece of chocolate would make me gain weight,” the British man observes. But it wasn’t until after he left that I understood that eating is not as terrible as I had thought.

After overcoming one of her biggest phobias thanks to this incident, Anna eventually started eating normally again.

The girl, who is 45 kg today and maintains a healthy lifestyle, dreads thinking back on that time in her life.

To get back to a healthy weight, it took two years. Anna has developed into a stunning young woman with a stunning body.

She has a boyfriend, works a job, competes in running events, and studies. Anna no longer desires to think of herself as that size.

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