She Didn’t Lose Her Natural Beauty and Married a Billionaire: How Does Patrick Swayze’s Widow Live Today?

Throughout his whole life, Patrick Swayze remained devoted to his one and only wife, and she remained at his side until his passing. The American actor passed away twelve years ago, when he was 58 years old.

The charming love story of Swayze and his wife Lisa, the stars of the movie “Ghost,” might easily serve as the basis for a happy romantic drama. Even after 34 years of marriage, they kept gazing into each other’s eyes with intense love.

The American dancer was in his early 20s when he first met his future wife in the late 1970s. At the time, Lisa was only 15 years old and a student at a dance school. She didn’t swoon over him like her other females did, so she acted differently. Lisa’s cold-bloodedness and aloofness had Patrick’s heart.

After a while, Lisa gave it a try, and their romantic feelings started to grow. In 1975, Swayze and Neimi exchanged vows and were legally wed. Even though they were unable to have children, the couple fought with the grief of losing a child together.

From the testimonials of their friends, viewers learnt about Lisa and Patrick’s amazing friendship. Obstacles in their personal life and career ups and downs only helped to strengthen their relationship.

In addition to being husband and wife, they also had a close friendship and liked to dance. They then co-founded a business, and their extraordinary friendship was further strengthened by their wide range of similar interests.

Their close bond helped them conquer yet another challenge. Patrick’s battle with alcohol addiction became apparent after the untimely deaths of his father and sister, which caused a great deal of difficulty. Nevertheless, his faithful companion supported him the entire time, encouraging him to quit the habit and return to his regular life.



In 2008, the well-known “Dirty Dancing” star battled major health issues. Sadly, his time was running out, and he only lived for another year and a half.

For five years after Patrick’s passing, his widow struggled with the notion of beginning a new relationship since she perceived it as a betrayal to her late husband. However, as time passed, she realized that Patrick had always wanted her to be content and to continue living her life even after he was gone. When Lisa came to this revelation, her heart got warm, and she began to consider the possibility of ever falling in love again.

Prior to 2012, Lisa Neimi first got to know wealthy Albert DePrisco; through time, they were married and officially became husband and wife. At the age of 65, Lisa and the American jeweler are still blissfully wed and living together in a Florida home. She continues to enthrall with her incredible looks, and her natural attractiveness hasn’t diminished over time.

Lisa is content with her present marriage, but she still treasures her late husband’s memory. On her blog, she frequently posts heartfelt images of herself and Patrick that show off their youth, love, and happiness as a couple. These moving pictures pay tribute to their unwavering love and the wonderful times they had together.

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