He shot daily with Polaroid for 18 years until he died. The last picture makes my heart flutter

It appears often that other people’s decisions and lives have a far greater impact than our own, and we are always in wonder of how other people’s lives turn out. We all take different roads, though, and only we will likely be able to comprehend our difficulties or our flexibility. merely because we are common folks.

Without his extraordinary hobby—taking a standard Polaroid photo every day for 18 years—Jamie Livingston, a typical person from New York, would have gone unnoticed.

Although Jamie has sadly been gone for some time, there are still 6,000 photos of him that show both his joyful irreverence and his struggle with a terrible illness. Here are a handful of the best.31 March 1979 Initially, the project looked like this. Since then, more than 6,000 of them have surfaced.


27 May 1979. Jamie at Bard College with buddies June 5, 1979 On March 31, 1980, Jamie Livingston took his first self-portrait. Photo taken in the metro one year after the project’s inception. 26 May 1980. He also enjoyed taking pictures of his friends. They were philosophical images more frequently. on August 11th, 1980. competitor to Polaroid. 13 June 1981. Jamie had a passion for the circus in addition to being a photographer and filmmaker. the sixth day of 1980. His images occasionally lacked any conceptual content.

26 July 1981. Strange picture.

7 March 1982 Virtual reality: Have you heard of it? Jamie appears to have been able to document her birth on April 11, 1982. April 19, 1982, on the streets of New York.

7 March 1982 Virtual reality—are you familiar with it? It appears that Jamie was able to prove that she was born on April 11, 1982. On the streets of New York, April 19, 1982.

How could you possibly not be excited for spring? July 18, 1982. Jamie departed for Europe on July 22, 1982. France is where this picture was taken.On January 21st, 1983, Jamie is at work. He was serving as the music editor for the newly launched MTV channel at the time.3 April 1984

He sets up the 1,500 photographs that he had gathered up to that moment.5 May 1984. The Polaroid SX-70 proved to be a dependable piece of equipment.
3 August 1984 Try it now without any comedy.

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