“I Was a Drunkard!”: How Has Chandler From “Friends” Changed Over The Years?

In a recent interview, actor Matthew Perry discussed his struggles with addiction and acknowledged that he had been drinking for a very long time. He admitted that he had spent over $14 million fighting his addiction. Unfortunately, the once-young and charming Chandler from Friends now appears much older and heavier, reflecting the effects of his struggles with substance abuse.


The actor’s fans, who genuinely worry about their beloved, have grown more worried about Perry’s health. Perry seems older than he is, even though he is only 53 years old.

Many responses on his most recent photographs express discontent and sympathy for his changing appearance. Some admit that his former addiction might have had an effect on his current state.

It’s important to remember that everyone ages naturally, but Perry’s trip has undoubtedly had a visible effect on his appearance. Fans mourn that his once-bright career looks to have taken a different turn.

It is never easy to witness someone we respect struggle through difficult situations. By wishing Matthew Perry luck, we can send him our best wishes and stand by him as he achieves his individual objectives.

How do you feel about the actor’s looks?

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