“Seems To Be Wearing Half Of The Dress!”: Winnie Harlow’s ‘Invisibility Dress’ Is Making a Splash Online!

Winnie Harlow, a supermodel who became well-known after competing on “America’s Next Top Model,” was scouted by modeling agencies while she was on the show.

Despite having vitiligo, Winnie quickly rose to fame in her first year of modeling and worked with several esteemed organizations and publications.

Winnie, noted for her great physique and striking appearance, usually dons daring and outrageous apparel to draw attention to these features. She went a step farther at a recent event with a lot of notable people, giving off an appearance that made some wonder if she was even wearing anything.

While Winnie’s fans were relieved to see that she wasn’t completely naked when she got out of her car, the tight clothing left little room for interpretation. It was clear that she was also not wearing any undergarments.

Fans couldn’t help but notice Winnie’s toned physique after she lost about 20 pounds during the quarantine last year. Winnie looked just as stunning as always despite the lack of covers.

Winnie has established herself as one of the top stars in the fashion world thanks to her beauty and confidence.

What do you think of the model’s clothing?

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