Julia Robert’s daughter is growing up quickly and looks just like her mom back in the day

Julia Roberts is a celebrity we barely ever hear from. Fans are in the dark about her private life.

Despite the fact that she was an Oscar-winning actress who had roles in some of the most popular movies of the previous three decades.

She has a registered Twitter account with 540,000 followers, yet there are no tweets.

She doesn’t have any social media accounts on sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Julia hasn’t joined the majority of celebrities in interacting with followers and posting images of themselves and their families on social media just yet.

In a recent interview, the 50-year-old actress admitted that she has other priorities.

What’s a good comparison? It’s similar to when people talk about a TV show: even if I may be completely aware of the plot and characters, that doesn’t mean I watch the show. It is seen by some of my other pals, and they have told me about it. I’m referring to the topic of Instagram. On every smartphone is Instagram. If I had it, Julia Roberts claims, she would be examining it often.

This actress has various excellent qualities, including:

She adores her three gorgeous children and her devoted hubby.

Throughout her professional career, Julia Roberts has dated actors including Kiefer Sutherland and Benjamin Bratt.

She was wed to singer Lyle Lovett for two years. Julia, though, discovered her true love behind the camera.

Julia and Daniel Moder met while “The Mexican” was being filmed, and they eventually tied the knot in 2002.

“He comes to mind when I consider the things that make my life unique, make sense, and just sparkle within me. That was the catalyst for everything, she said.

The couple welcomed twins Hazel and Phinnaeus in 2004. Three years later, Henry was added to the family.

Over the years, Julia has kept her kids private and hasn’t released many images of them.

“We work to keep our kids safe. We simply want to maintain our family life without interference, she said.

Although Julia may not publicly display her children online, as they become older, this is beginning to change.

Recently, pictures of her daughter, 13, have started to surface.

Many people are shocked by how strikingly alike mother and daughter appear.

The photograph that follows shows Hazel as a young girl.

You must acknowledge that Hazel and Julia resemble one another almost exactly, save from the difference in hair color.

The only child of Julia, Hazel, not much was known about her for a long time. However, fresh images of Hazel have lately surfaced, and many people are shocked by how like the mother and daughter appear.

We are forward to see what Hazel manages to accomplish as she ages!

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