“I couldn’t eat because of my nose.” “Pinocchio” from the USA showed what he looked like after plastic surgery

After a chance encounter, 58-year-old painter Conrado’s life underwent a significant transformation. Conrado was given a job assignment. Later it emerged that the client was a renowned plastic surgeon. The doctor immediately focused on the painter’s nose after they first met.

The doctor remarked, “When I first met Conrado, I knew right away that he had rhinophyma, which is typically observed in middle-aged males. Conrado had already managed to see numerous doctors at that point, but to no avail. “When Dr. Romo approached me, he informed me right away that he was going to help me. Conrado said that it seemed miraculous in some way.

Dr. Romo accomplished his task flawlessly, dramatically altering the patient’s appearance. Conrado now leads a typical life while enjoying the attention his tidy nose receives.

How do you find the painter’s transformation? The fact that Dr. Roma has golden hands is obvious.

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