“Wendy’s” star Jenna Ortega got a trendy haircut that will be a hit in 2023

Almost everyone in the globe was intrigued in the new Netflix series “Wednesday.” The lead actress in the new TV show, Jenna Ortega, shot to fame and aroused everyone’s curiosity.

These Jenna Ortega Looks from Her 'Wednesday' Era Have the Internet Shook

She recently changed her haircut, and the new look is likely to be very popular in 2023.

Wednesday's Jenna Ortega Debuts Edgy New Look - E! Online

Instead of long, straight hair, she’s gone for a long, scruffy bob. The haircut was in vogue a few seasons ago and is likely to return in 2023.

Jenna Ortega com novo visual

Here are some more examples of teh hairstyle.

31 Shaggy Bob with Bangs Haircut Ideas for The Modern, Retro Girl

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