Be prepared for a surprise: Reality star weighing 600 pounds wed in a daring wedding dress

Tammy Slayton chose to wear an open dress despite being overweight.

The stars of the well-known American reality program “1,000 Pound Sisters,” which follows two girls who are dangerously fat, are Tammy and Emmy Slayton.

Their ages at this time are 34 and 35, respectively. They agreed to broadcast their everyday lives to millions of viewers up till a few years ago in the hopes of becoming in shape and starting to live life to the fullest.

The sisters battled their addictions and themselves for three seasons. The sister who had the most success was Amy, who is trying to lose weight and has asked for surgery.

At the time of the filming, Amy and Tammy were, respectively, 185 and 275 kg (of which Amy had already shed about 50 kg). She has put on weight and is now around three hundred pounds, unlike her sibling. Tammy was transferred to an Ohio medical rehabilitation center that specialized in treating obese people after her health quickly began to decline.

She is currently being treated at the clinic for both her weight loss and the lung problems that her obesity-related fatness gave rise to. Tammy is still very passionate about her life’s work. She frequently updates her social media sites with hilarious videos, health updates, and general assurances for her followers.

Tammy first met her fiancé, Caleb Willingham, at the rehab facility. The only relationship she has ever been in that wasn’t founded on online dating began with that encounter. There, where they had originally met, they had already simulated a wedding before he proposed to her.

The bride’s closest family and friends were the only guests at the little wedding. This included the bride’s sister Amy, who had shed some pounds and as a result was already married and the mother of a child.

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